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The UT385 Laser power meter is specifically designed for measuring the energy output of laser beams in various testing and laser system applications. It utilizes a detection sensor to accurately determine the intensity of a laser beam’s energy output. This versatile device finds extensive use in diverse fields such as education, medical science, industry, and more.

  • Precise laser sensor
  • LCD screen for clear readings
  • Data storage function
  • Threshold alarm function
  • Selectable and customizable wavelengths
  • Low power consumption
  • Split design with retractable spring wire
Measurement range 0uW~39.99mW
Measurement accuracy 0uW~10uW: ±(5%+0.3); 10uW~39.9mW: ±5%
Laser wavelength range 400nm~1100nm
Laser wavelength preset options 520nm, 633nm, 650nm, 780nm
LCD display 4-digit LCD display
Sampling rate 0.5s
Data storage 199 sets