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  • Reading resolution: 4%, maximum reading 59999
  • Measuring rate: 2 readings/s
  • DC voltage range: 60mV ~ 1000V
  • DC current range: 600pA ~ 20A
  • AC voltage range: 60mV ~ 1000V (True-RMS)
  • AC current range: 600pA ~ 20A (True-RMS)
  • Mathematical operation: maximum, minimum, average, peak, comparative measurement, trend chart
  • Frequency response: 10kHz
  • Data record: 20000 groups

Presenting the UT8804E, a superior desktop digital multimeter with automatic ranging capability and an impressive range of 59999 counts. This true RMS multimeter boasts a 4.3-inch TFT LCD display and a frequency response of up to 100kHz.

Equipped with a VFC low-pass filtering function, it effectively reduces interference from high-frequency signals, ensuring accurate measurement results. The NCV non-contact voltage sensing feature allows for safe voltage detection. Additionally, the UT8804E offers various measurement modes including maximum, minimum, average, and relative value measurements.

With a storage capacity of up to 20000 sets of outputs, this multimeter is a valuable tool for electricians and professionals in the field. Its exceptional features and capabilities make it an excellent choice for precise electrical measurements.