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  • 60MHz sine waveform output, 1pHz full-band resolution
  • 200MSa/s sample rate, 14-bit vertical resolution, Double channel
  • Portable handheld mini signal generator
  • High-accuracy, broad-band 6-bit frequency counter, range: 100mHz-100MHz
  • Easy to use modulation type: AM, FM, PM, FSK
  • 24 non-volatile waveform stores
  • 4.3 inches high-resolution color TFT display

The UTG900E Series is a compact and cost-effective handheld arbitrary function waveform generator that delivers exceptional performance. Designed to cater to electronics enthusiasts, it offers a unique and economical solution with a minimum resolution of 1μHz. With its small size and lightweight design, it belongs to our most affordable line of generators. This versatile device can efficiently meet your testing requirements in a variety of scenarios, enhancing your work and learning efficiency.