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  • Voltage: 600V
  • Current: 5A
  • Power: 850W

IT6700H series high-voltage DC power supplies is with maximum output power 3000W, adjustable voltage 0-1200V and current 0-10A, IT6700H series have desktop and shelves installation function, easy to operate. IT6700H series provide list mode, built-in RS232 / USB / GPIB communication interface, rich SCPI instructions facilitate the formation of a variety of intelligent test platforms. IT6700H can accurately describe the battery charge and discharge process, widely used in battery fluctuation simulation test, battery charger, high voltage ultra high speed diode, electrolytic capacitor, electromechanical control field and ATE test system, etc., which need to use high voltage and low current DC power supply.


  • Voltage up to 1200V
  • VFD display
  • Various models for high voltage or high current are Optional
  • Output switch ON/OFF control
  • Safety terminal
  • List mode, editable waveforms of voltage and current
  • Remote sense
  • Built-in RS232/USB/GPIB*1
  1. IT6722A is without GPIB interface