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  • AC Power Supply
  • Voltage: 300V
  • Current: 12A
  • Power: 1500VA

ITECH's IT7600 series high performance programmable AC power supplies, adopt advanced digital signal processing technology, with frequency up to 10-5000 Hz, built-in all-round power meter and large-screen oscilloscope function. Power up to 54 kVA and support master-slave parallel, which can provide high-capacity single-phase or three-phase AC output. The IT7600 has built-in arbitrary waveform generator functionality to simulate a variety of arbitrary waveform outputs; as well as strong exchange measurement and analysis functions.


  • 7” DSO function, which can display real-time waveforms of voltage and current under the single unit or parallel mode
  • Built-in powerful single-phase or three-phase AC power meter
  • Output frequency up to 10-5000 Hz, output variable rate of voltage or frequency is adjustable
  • Maximum power up to 54 kVA
  • Voltage up to 300 V
  • Realize AC, DC, AC+DC output modes, AC+DC can realize simulating distortion of DC Voltage
  • Simulate arbitrary waveform output, support CSV format to import waveform
  • Strong master-slave paralleling makes multi-module output equalized current synchronously
  • Support single / three-phase output, and can simulate unbalanced three phase output *2
  • Strong harmonic simulation capability, up to 50th harmonic simulation*3
  • Support remote sense compensation function, which can improve measurement accuracy
  • Relay Ctrl output function, which can achieve electrical isolation between DUT and the source Sweep function
  • OTP, OCP (Including peak and rms values), OVP, OPP
  • Built-in USB / RS232 / LAN / GPIB / CAN communication interface
  • Front panel USB port for import/export of data files and data storage function
  • *2 IT7627 / 7628 can achieve single / three-phase switching output
  • *3 10 Hz-500 Hz