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  • Voltage: 120V
  • Current: 30A
  • Power: 150W

IT8800 series has wide power range 150W~10KW, voltage and current measurement speed up to 50KHZ, resolution up to 0.1mV/0.01mA, adjustable measurement current rising speed 0.001A/us~2.5A/us, built-in RS232/GPIB/USB interface. IT8800 series has wide application fields because of its high performance products, it has been applied to LED lighting, automotive electronics and other fields.


  • 150-10kW/120-800V/15-500A
  • CV/CC/CR/CW mode
  • Remote sense
  • Measurement resolution:0.1mv,0.01ma
  • Dynamic mode: up to 25 KHz
  • Adjustable current rising slope: 0.001A/us~2.5A/us
  • Measurement speed: up to 50KHz
  • Dynamic test, short-circuit test function
  • Rotary knob, making the operation more easier
  • CR-LED test
  • OCP / OVP / CPP / OTP/ Reverse polarity protection
  • 100 groups memory capacity
  • Power off memory function
  • External analog control
  • Support VISA/USBTMC/SCPI communication protocol
  • Built-in RS232/USB/GPIB communication interface
  • Software monitoring via PC