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Includes SPE-1000 Inspection by UL:
Mandatory for Electrical Equipment in Canada

  • Voltage: 72V/32V
  • Current: 1.5A/3A
  • Power: 108W/96W

IT6860A series (72~180W) programming DC power supply offers dual-range voltage switch for your choice, which can replace two ordinary ones, greatly saving your cost and operation space. At the same time, IT6860A supports panel List programming and software operation via computer to meet more communication demands. IT6860A series is suited for laboratory testing, online production test, maintenance testing, etc.


  • Ultra low ripple and noise
  • CC + CV operating mode
  • Ultra low ripple and noise
  • High precision and stability
  • Full CNC interface, high stability, low drift
  • Limited voltage, current limit, and over temperature protection
  • Support GBIP / USB / RS232 communication interface
  • Smart fan control
  • 16 groups of default values can be memorized