Digital Oscilloscopes

Rigol provides a full line of oscilloscopes to meet your lab, production and maintenance requirements, 

Rigol's popular DS1000 line features the best-selling DS1054Z. 

  • 4 Analog channel Bandwidth: 50MHz
  • Max. Sample Rate up to 1GSa/s
  • Memory Depth up to12Mpts /24Mpts(Opt.)
  • 30,000 wfrm/s capture rate

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Rigol  MSO4024

Rigol MSO4024

Rigol  DS1054Z
Rigol  RP1025D
Rigol  RA5040K
Rigol  DS1102E
Rigol  DS1104Z
Rigol  MSO2302A-S
Rigol  DS4052

Rigol DS4052

Rigol  MSO2302A
Rigol  MSO1074Z-S
Rigol  DS1052D
Rigol  DS1052E
Rigol  DP832A

Rigol DP832A

Rigol  RP1002C

Rigol RP1002C

Rigol  NFP-3
Rigol  M301 (DEMO)
Rigol  PVP2150
Rigol  MSO7034

Rigol MSO7034

Rigol  PVP2350
Rigol  PLA2216
Rigol  DS7054

Rigol DS7054

Rigol  MSO5102

Rigol MSO5102

Rigol  MSO5354

Rigol MSO5354

Rigol  MSO5204

Rigol MSO5204