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DM3068,DM3058,DM3058E Digital Multimeters are the products designed with multiple functions, high precision, high performance and automatic measurements. They are have high-speed data acquisition, high precision and high stability. In addition, these digital multimeters support any sensor and have a complete set of interfaces.
They are the first DMMs in the market which are equipped with a high-resolution monochrome 256×64 dot matrix LCD display, which means not just digits are displayed but also measurement results with trend curves and histograms for deeper analysis.
The complete set of interfaces includes RS-232, USB, LAN(LXI-C) and GPIB. U disk storage is supported. It’s easy to connect to a PC by USB or LAN. The concise front panel keyboard layout with back lighted buttons and online help makes the operation very flexible and user-friendly.

Optimized for the production line automatic measurements with the PASS/FAIL control, unified power management, pre-programmed configurations, configuration setup cloning, fast measurement speed and noise immunity to improve productivity.

DM3068, DM3058, DM3058E are widely used in the areas of research, production line tests, education, quality assurance, service, maintenance and more.

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    True RMS Measure up to DC 1700V and AC 1500V for high voltage applications such as solar array, wind, and other power utility maintenance Analog b...

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    Reading resolution: 4%, maximum reading 59999 Measuring rate: 2 readings/s DC voltage range: 60mV ~ 1000V DC current range: 600pA ~ 20A AC voltage...

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