Control Switches

GE/ITI Series 95 Control Switches. 

The series 95 Instrument and Control Switches area heavy duty rotary switch that satisfies the most demanding requirements of the Industrial Control and Power Applications. These switches are 600 VAC rated and are recognized by Underwriters Laboratory in the US and Canada. Also, included in this section are Lock-Out Relay Switches, Lighted Escutcheon Plates, Type FT Multi-Circuit Test Switch and IKU Terminal Blocks

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GE / ITI  9524301B
GE / ITI  9524202B
GE / ITI  FT-084
GE / ITI  FT-082
GE / ITI  FT-083HQ
GE / ITI  FT-078
GE / ITI  FT-085
GE / ITI  FT-081
GE / ITI  FT-083
GE / ITI  FT-066
GE / ITI  FT-074
GE / ITI  FT-076
GE / ITI  FT-065
GE / ITI  FT-029
GE / ITI  FT-040
GE / ITI  FT-009
GE / ITI  FT-059
GE / ITI  FT-048
GE / ITI  FT-027
GE / ITI  FT-006
GE / ITI  FT-003
GE / ITI  FT-001