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Rigol DP2031

by Rigol
Original price $1,318.68 - Original price $1,318.68
Original price $1,318.68
$1,582.68 - $1,582.68
Current price $1,582.68
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  • Total Power - 222 Watts
  • Max Voltage - 64 Volts
  • Max Current - 10 Amps
  • 3 Channels

The DP2000 Series Power Supplies combine new high speed and high accuracy technology to provide a flexible test and analysis instrument for all of your DC power applications. The DP2031 is a 3 channel power supply with new capabilities that expand its value. First, the DP2031 comes with a low current measurement range that makes microamp measurements possible with 28 microamp accuracy and 1 microamp resolution. Combine that with the high-speed arb function that allows you to update the power supply output at up to 1000 times per second and you can quickly emulate battery configuration tests for all of your IoT and portable electronics. You can also combine channels 1 and 2 internally either in parallel or in series to expand the power envelope for your testing. No more cabling challenges since you can now get the current or voltage for both channels with one cable connection. This combination of flexibility and capability makes the DP2000 an important addition to any engineer’s bench.