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Includes SPE-1000 Inspection by UL:
Mandatory for Electrical Equipment in Canada

  • Voltage: 150V
  • Current: 30A
  • Power: 300W

IT8500+ series single-channel, programmable DC electronic loads are designed for middle & high-end applications. They can be offered as multiple solutions according to the customer's design and testing requirements. Users can perform online voltage measurements and adjustments, or simulate short circuit test using the simple keypad on the front panel. ITECH's IT8500+ series DC E-loads are versatile instruments for static and dynamic testing of power supplies, batteries, DC - DC converters, and battery chargers.


  • Four operating modes: CV,CC,CR,CP
  • Battery test function, automatic test function, over power test function, over current test function
  • Dynamic mode up to 10KHz
  • Voltage measurement resolution up to 0.1mV / 0.1mA
  • Remote sense
  • Short-circuit function
  • Current monitoring function
  • Power-off memory function
  • 100-group memory capacity
  • Optional USB / RS232 / RS485 interface
  • Resolution: 0.1mV/.01mA